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Income Tax Return

Every business has to file various returns with appropriate government agencies. SPA are filing these returns.Tax is a central element to the revenue generation system of the Indian government. Among the multitude of taxes present in the system, income tax is the one that deals with the taxation of the earning of every individual, firm or organisation in a financial year. The earning or income could be in the form of regular wages, interest, dividends, capital gains or any other profits.

Payroll Service

We offer customized payroll preparation solutions from initial setup to monthly processing offering reliable and effective payroll system for small/ medium-sized companies.

Payroll plays a starring role in your business when you have employees you have to pay. If employees you have to pay. If you’re relinquishing the payroll reins to an employee or hiring someone to take over payroll responsibilities, writing down the payroll procedures can shorten the learning curve.

Company Registration

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Whether you are looking to form a Ltd or Pvt Ltd Company or Limited Liability Company in India, we can provide a fast efficient company registration service at affordable price.SPA is promoted by highly qualified, experienced professionals, registration consultants to offer a full range of services in Chandigarh of India. Providing a wide range of services like Trademark, Design, Copyright, Patent, IEC Code, BAR Code, ISO Certification, Firm registration, NGO, Society Registrations, Service Tax, Sales Tax VAT Registration, Company Incorporation, Company Audit & Website Designing .</p>

Business Licence

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>To operate a business must comply with govt rules. SPA can help businesses to get new licenses and file for renewals. Most businesses must have a local (country or city) business license. This license allows the business owner to operate a business legally within geographical vicinity. Depending on your business, you may have also been required to obtain a state business license, sales tax license and/or a central govt. license. Most states require that the license be displayed in an area visible to customers. If you have lost or misplaced your business license, it is crucial that you obtain a copy.</p>

Project Financing

SPA are providing consultancy regarding appropriate funding for large and small business / industry.This Annex introduces some basic concepts of project finance and shows how they relate to the financing structure of projects. It is not meant to cover all the issues relevant to financing structures, which are many complex and often project-specific. Authorities should rely on the expertise of financial and legal advisers to understand the relevant trade-offs in project finance issues.Projects are generally financed using project finance arrangements.In project finance, lenders and investors rely either exclusively (“non-recourse” financing) or mainly (“limited recourse” financing)

File Return Service

File Various  Returns in Chandigarh.We are providing Business Consultancy regarding Various Tax Returns, Tax Planning and filing.SPA is a firm of professionals, set up with its Head Office in Chandigarh, India, and networking offices across India. We assist the non-residents in their financial affairs in India. We provide advisory and compliance services encompassing the entire gamut of Taxation (Income Tax, GST etc), Foreign Exchange Law (RBI/FEMA, FCRA, Companies Act etc). Additionally, we also provide a number of support services to our clients e.g. bank matters, property matters, investment matters, repatriation services, starting a business, sale-purchase of immovable property, family office services etc.

Secretarial Service

SPA offer secretarial services like Drafting of reports of Directors, Maintenance of statutory Registers, etc. with an objective to help our clients in adhering to the statutory requirements.The list of the services offered by the law firm covers a wide variety of local, national as well as international branches of law. The legal practice of the law firm focuses in areas like Corporate Law, Banking, Finance, Multi National Corporate, Intellectual Property Law, Labour and Service Law, Franchising, Land Acquisition and Real Estate Law, Tax, Trusts/Estates Law Foreign Direct Investments, Project Financing

Chartered Accountants

Singla Pawan Associates provide Auditing, accounting services by qualified Chartered Accountants in Chandigarh to our clients. Financial Services, Accounting Services, Investments Services, VAT Services, Licensing Services, Management Consultancy Services, Advisory Services, Auditing Services and Registration Services. These services are provided by our team of professionals in compliance with industry standards. A well-qualified and experienced team of service providers are engaged in the provision of these services based on the requirements of the clients. Our services are provided by experienced personnel.

GST Consultants

SPA  are providing full range of GST Consultants in Chandigarh like registeration of GST no; invoicing, filing of returns and litigation matters on GST, We have fully dedicated professional team on it.GST  is an indirect tax applicable throughout India which replaced multiple cascading taxes levied by the central and state governments. The GST is governed by a GST Council and itsChairman is the Finance Minister of India. Under GST, goods and services are taxed at the following rates, 0%, 5%, 12% , 18% and 28%.
It is  the government of India’s biggest tax reform in 70y

TDS on NRI Property

SPA  are providing full range of  Consultancy in Chandigarh or anywhere in India on Capital Gain Tax Planning like how to minimise income tax on capital gain on sale of property in Chandigarh or anywhere in India. SPA also provide the services on low rate of TDS on sale of property of NRI in India from the Income Tax Department,If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, you have come to the right place!We offer a broad range of services for Income Tax Return, Audit,Finance,Business Consultancy,CA (Chartered Accountants) executives and independent professionals.

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